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Arizona Tool & Plastics offers expert silicone mold repair services. We provide the following types of service:

  • Re-machining mold surfaces, using our assortment of milling machines, surface grinders, lathe, and electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Welding – MIG & Micro Welding
  • Polishing: removal of undercuts, bringing back to original finish specification.
  • Sand blasting: to provide a non-smooth textured type finish.
  • Cleaning of heating system/cartridge heaters & thermocouples. Re-apply heat transferal grease.
  • Replacement of wear items: leader pins & bushings, ejector pins, parting line locks, cam pins, wear plates, gibs, pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, hand loaded inserts, etc.
  • Re-sharpen Parting Line edge: micro/laser welding
  • Re-vent parting lines, including overflow pull-off tabs.
  • Repair gating: inserts or welding, EDM gates per specification.

Diagnose, repair, and “as needed”, replace parts to fix Cold Deck System issues.