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Arizona Tool & Plastics, LLC. was specifically established to provide for the Arizona, US / Sonora, MX area an expert source for injection and silicone mold repair services. With over 30 years in theplastics industry we bring a more comprehensive approach to maintaining amold’s ability to perform efficiently and produce consistent parts that meetyour company’s quality criteria. To this end, we have the experience andunderstanding of each business sector’s requirements, be it: Medical, Automotive, Industrial/Commercial, Consumer, Electronics & Telecommunications, etc.

We provide the following services which are explained in detail in the related pages:

  • Analyze & Diagnosis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Injection Mold Repair
  • Silicone Mold Repair
  • Construct & Install Replacement MoldComponents
  • Provide Preventative Maintenance Service

We are conveniently located on the US/MX border in Nogales,AZ, ½ mile from I-19, exit 4, Mariposa, and 1 mile from MX Perioferico bordercrossing, truck route.